Wednesday, February 10, 2010

happy chinese new year!

starting nites tomorrow for 7 nites. so since i had a day off yesterday and today, decided to cook. so it was the lo mai kai on monday and some other vego recipes today.
C and K were so eagerly looking forward to my food today. they musta been really hungry after work.
was sorta a pretend cny reunion dinner tonite. since C and i were going to be working that day.
nice that ppl like my food. :)

ongoing culinary adventure: vego lo mai kai

got this vego lo mai kai recipe from one of my vego books that i'd bought from singapore.
didn't have the small round rice bowl, so used this big bowl.
this lo mai kai can serve 4. (erm, it only served 3 for dinner)
didn't know which one was the dark soya sauce, the rice stayed light in color.
tasted ok...

ongoing culinary adventures: raspberry cheesecake slice

no bake recipe
the gelatine didn't quite help set the cheesecake bit, so it sorta became a frozen yoghurt texture.
it was delightful all the same :)
absolutely heavenly on a hot summer day!

start of 2010 medical yr

survived obs and gynae. it has actually been quite a nice change where i only see females of my age who are healthy and where being pregnant is a perfectly normal physiological state to be. it also is the ONLY place in the hospital where people are happy. elsewhere, u see ppl crying, upset and grim.
tempted to do obs and gynae now, but erm, on 2nd thought, maybe not.
so this year, i'm doing a medical year. and decide about physician training.
if this year doesn't work it, i'm heading towards gp land. :) outta hospital, more autonomy