Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perth continued: Xanadu wines

so of course we can't make a trip to Margaret river and NOT go to a winery... so we picked xanadu winery... http://www.xanaduwines.com/ we picked xanadu winery bec we happened upon a page in the perth entertainment book and had a quick look at the menu. it looked like it had vegetarian food.

the vegetarian main: it had unique flavours

the pumpkin and potato samosas... very nice...
and of course, dessert. and of course, my blog always has to have a picture of me with my food..

Perth continued: Margaret River

So we belatedly decided to rent a car and drive down to Margaret River bec K wanted to see this 'longest pier' in WA.
the pier at Busselton... except it was closed for renovations! darn. we could only walk 250m of it.

we stayed overnight at the Margaret River Hotel. we booked it 1/2 hour before checking in at the tourist centre at Margaret river. the tourist information was amazing.

we went to jewel cave to do a cave walk. it was amazing inside. limestone formations abound. we were the only 2 ppl inside the cave (+ the guide of course, which totals 3!) it was quiet and allowed us to appreciate the magnificience of the whole cave. the guide said we had walked about 509 steps as we went around the cave. the guide at one point turned off all the lights in the cave and let us experienced ultimate darkness. cool..

Perth continued: Rottnest Island.

Finally persuaded JW to go with us outdoors! She hadn't been to Rottnest Island either. so the 3 of us took off on a ferry to the island. the ferry left at about 8.45am and got there at about 10.15am. got abit rocky from fremantle --> Rottnest.

us with the bicycles. JW and K hadn't ridden for a long time. we cycled for about 2hours. ah well... i thought we could have gone on for longer.

The lighthouse in the middle of the island. and because it was at the 'highest' point, of course i had to climb up to the hill and have a look at the view the hill had to offer.

the infamous quokkas. ( i think i spelt it right). we only saw 1... yes, singular. K and JW decided to get off the island at 2pm. i thought we could have walked more or cycled more or just sat there and bask in the sun more. ah well... the lure of the city was more powerful than my desire to be with nature.

i was more impressed with this huge peacock. it was nonchalantly strutting around the tourists.

perth trip 2009

went w K. it's nice to go w an ex-housemate because you know each other's routines and quirks. going with K was alot of laughs as usual.

the tiger airways flight to perth was delayed by 3hours. K had woken up late and had hastily packed and ran out of her house. she thought the trip was NOT going to happen bec she was going to miss the flight. BUT... the flight was delayed. so all that adrenaline that she had was for nothing.

JW and her housemate kindly picked us up from the airport. it was very nice to see JW again after all this time. it has been 1.5 years! time flies...

the next day was spent in the city. the cat buses were really good (and free!). saw king's park and the botanic gardens. saw Bells tower. hang out at some shops.

at this short Kokoda track was a steep set of steps. there was this 50-ish man walking up as we were walking down. then when we were at the bottom of the steps, he was walking down. and as we walked up, he walked up too. puzzled, i asked how many times he was going to do this. he said, "20, i'm working out for papau new guinea" wow... it felt like a good workout. i was pretty tachypnoeic at the top.

the boa tree

the DNA tower... and of course, i couldn't resist but to climb it. 108 steps apparently. another bloke had ran up and down in 58 secs...

the bells tower. literally to house bells. they apparently weigh 40tonnes. when they r rang, they weigh about 136 tonnes. that's why they need a tower

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

back on 7 nights from tomorrow night

the only thing to look forward to while doing nights is when i finish nights. i get 7 days in a row off.
so the next 7 days off, will b going to perth. K is going with me coz she's doing the nights regime too. tickets been confirmed from 11/6/09 --> 15/6/09.

my kitchen

just a continuation of a mini tour around my house (rented).

i was having this argument with Z about how important the kitchen is. she was renovating her place and made the kitchen !smaller!. so i took a picture of my kitchen. so in the future, if i've got a choice, my kitchen needs to look good...
the kitchen
my attempt at pasta bake with the oven
my coconut pie (a recipe by Bill granger from C's cookbook). i think i put way too much coconut for my liking.

and my humble breakfast. they don't call it 'homecooked' food for nothing. kimchi noodles stirfry + fried egg + fried egg tofu.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Sword of truth series

by Terry GoodKind.

finished reading the 2nd book. this series is as heavy as lord of the rings. phew.

the first book: Wizard's First Rule was really good! it's also the basis of the Legend of the Seeker tv series www.legendoftheseeker.com . the book is much much better.

the second book: Stone of tears. been sitting on the couch with my book while it's cold wintery outside. K says that i'm enjoying the life. haa... finished it over 2 wintery days. there are more to the series, i discovered. decided against buying the 3rd book today because i'll prob just keep reading it. should do other things now, like hmo3 job applications.