Saturday, February 8, 2014

Return to work

Well, did week 1 of full time work at a new hospital after a year off.

Sure I had gone back to do some locum work before this. But the shifts were in the same hospital, people were friendly and generally very happy to see me back at work and caught up with details wrt baby and parenthood. And likewise, I was very happy to catch up about their lives.

So new hospital where people don't know you, aren't very friendly (big city behavior), and nothing really works and don't really care if it works. So the whole experience hasn't been too positive yet.

I go in wanting to work hard but get told to work harder.
I go in wanting to be friendly but get told that I have to be firm about these referrals.
I go in wanting to be not grumpy but am surrounded by grumpy people anyway.
I go in wanting to be organised but am faced with a dysfunctional not organised system anyway.

The expectations from the bosses, the team and myself are higher. So what else to do but to try to meet them. To embrace the challenges and to improve myself and hopefully the unit/ team as much as possible.