Saturday, February 20, 2016

Masada sleep school weekend residential program

I couldn't find any blogs about the weekend program, so I thought I might share our experience.

So after little steps at Monash Council, we went on an overseas holiday (major disruption to routine), had different caregivers (who prefer that babies don't cry), I went back to work... So by 10months, baby was rocked to sleep for her day naps, sleeps on a person for the second cycle, rocked to sleep at night, and needed more rocking every time she woke up, and after 12am, I succumb to giving her the breast to suck while I keep sleeping beside her. We were needing to get up about 4-6times overnight.

So the decision to go to Masada to get some help. I didn't want to take a week off work, so opted to do the 2weekend program. The aim was to get someone to break the sleep associations that the baby had.

We got admitted Saturday afternoon, talked about our goals and routine and how to adjust the routine to an age appropriate routine. We handed baby over to help with the afternoon sleep, then the nighttime sleep. I was fortunate to have a room away from the babies, so I couldn't hear them cry (which is also odd for me). There were only 8 of us so it wasn't a busy and noisy ward.

The next day was us settling the babies and the staff teaching us what to do. I must say, I didn't get to settle the baby at all because she didn't hit the time for a grizzle.

Discharge was on Monday at 0800. I had intended to go to work but decided that bad city traffic and wanting to implement the routine at home, so I took Monday off work. I should have planned it better and taken that day off anyway.

We stuck to the routine and principles and managed a week with good day and night sleeps. I was wondering if I needed to go back to that second weekend and decided that we needed to consolidate what we had learnt.

Baby performed amazingly and sailed through the second weekend.

Now is the third weekend and we are doing 7.30pm to 6.30am night sleeps with no rocking, no breastfeeding, no patting. She is relieved to be in the cot. Hopefully she keeps going well!