Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 more ED shifts to go

survived my 7 nites. 5 of which were sooooo busy!
grateful to Y for listening to my whinges every nite b4 my shifts started. u made it slightly easier to do the shifts.
grateful to L for sending me to work and buying those chips so that i could take them into work.
grateful to my bosses for not being so inpatient w me.
overall it was all ok... :) had fun in the end...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ED... soon to end

11 more shifts to the end of ED!! (hopefully no more ED for the rest of my life)...
this is the only thought that i can carry to make this any easier for me...
night shifting for 7 of the 11 shifts

how to fix a light bulb that i can't reach

maybe the best way to fix a light bulb is to get a ladder, not a tall man. :p

being apart now...

When it gets painful being apart, i turn my focus onto someone else and give them some loving care.
It might mean that i'm getting too attached to this person that it gets painful when we are apart.
it lessens the pain, but doesn't get rid of it completely.