Monday, April 29, 2013

first month celebration

I think I was keen to get out of the house 4 weeks post partum, so what better way than to organise a first month birthday celebration for bub? CK kindly allowed us to host the event at his house as it was bigger.

so... dyed some eggs red using a recipe i found online...
 I only did 1 hard boiled egg per person, wasn't so sure how the red fresh eggs would go down, so decided to combine them with easter chocolate eggs (we were in easter period). i wanted them to be all red foil wrapped chocolate eggs (but they were sold in multi colors per pack), we couldn't find any red colored foil, so hubby bought these red paper streamers instead (which is incredibly hard to wrap around an egg). So gave some gold eggs mixed with the red eggs... (one needed to give an odd number of eggs for girls, and an even number of eggs for boys)
I baked a blueberry shortcake from my trusty baking book. Gave up trying to make ang koo kueh (they had to have the patterns for a girl and can be round and plain for a boy) -- sounded like a malaysian adaptation from the nyonya culture.
We did cut a short length of hair at the back. 

more cooking

got this easy mini frittata recipe from woolworths magazine. i didn't have enough eggs but it turned out ok. 

and this recipe from a cookbook: noodle w sesame sauce and garlic, topped w bean sprouts and red capsicum. tasted yummy too. 

sultana bun

This recipe was for a sultana scone, but I think i didn't knead it properly. so its become a bun. tastes yummy though. from my trustworthy recipe book :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby RT

This is her favourite pose. Asleep on our chests. (mouth open, drooling. I only realised that saliva production is turned on from 6-8weeks after birth, and they don't know how to swallow all the saliva yet, so they seem to drool alot more during this period). 

And this is her learning how to hold her head up better. Doing well, little one! 

Borobudur temple (Yogjarkarta, Indonesia)

We went to the Borobudur temple for the first leg of our honeymoon because I've always wanted to visit this UNESCO site. It was amazing. We took our time to look at almost every stone relief.

Stupas at the top. It wasn't a hard climb.

an example of the stone carvings. 

We did do the sunrise tour but it was really cloudy, so the pictures didn't turn out amazing. Ah well, it was all luck, I guess. We stayed at the Manohara Hotel which was within the Borobudur compound itself and made going to the sunrise tour really easy. The food was of a great quality at the hotel and the staff was friendly and the place was clean. Definitely recommended!

Almond cookies

 recipe from kelly siew's blog. it works!
Kelly and I used to go to medical school together. Glad to know that she is doing well! Go Girl!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The google baby generation

Thank you all those mummy bloggers out there. You've made me laugh and taught me many things (not sure if they are right or wrong). The ' google baby generation' is my term to describe this generation of newbie parents seeking out answers to their various questions via the Internet and the google search engine. We are faced w so many new issues as we become parents, and I'm really thankful that someone had asked the question, had laughed about it and had more questions at the end... is one great resource that I turned to for breastfeeding...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Long absence

Didn't realise how long I had neglected the blog!

We've done the 3 weddings (I survived!), organised the clinical exam for 2012 (success!), fell pregnant (how the body changed!) and had baby A (who is amazing and makes me so sleep deprived), did a year of neurology training while being pregnant (which on retrospect, being pregnant does affect my work performance. I think I was in denial and thought that it won't).

Now while boob feeding bub, I've got my handy iPad around, there's time to update and explore new things w and for baby A. She's 7 weeks old now. Now to venture into the world of parenthood