Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy 3rd month, Baby RT!

3rd month is when she is officially an infant and no longer a newborn. End of 4th trimester. Had to go out shopping for larger sized clothes and pack away the smaller newborn clothes.

Brain on Fire: My month of madness

by Susannah Cahalan.

on her personal experience of NMDA encephalitis. Most of her experience I had probably gleaned from the many patients whom I'd come into contact with suffering from delirium.

The most poignant learning point was that, as a neurologist, not to give up on searching for a diagnosis.

Myer Melbourne parents room

Used the Myer Melbourne parents room on Saturday.
It was on level 3 where the children's clothes were sold. Large-ish room. 2 parent child toilets. 2 cubicles for privacy of breastfeeding. 10 single armchairs to sit and feed (formula/ breast). 2 nappy change areas. sink. microwave. quite clean. I think I'll give it a 4star.

QV shopping centre had recently renovated its toilets on ground floor. 2 baby change toilets, of which there is a plastic chair that you could sit in to breast feed in private if desperate. No separate door/ cubicle for the toilet though. Felt and smelt like you were breast feeding in the toilet still. There was a microwave in the baby change room though. 2star.