Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mr and mrs cockles and hep b vaccination

now there's this ad in sg that has mr and mrs cockles recommending the hep b vaccination. and i had always thought that mr and mrs cockles give u a hep A infection (which i'm right of course, according to the above link).
so have the hep b vaccination anyway, but it won't protect u from mr and mrs cockles.

Friday, April 9, 2010

'whose life is it anyway' Nina W Brown

by new harbinger publications, inc.
found this book in the library and thought it was quite interesting.
it asks whether you are enmeshed/ catch ppl's feelings easily, then suggests a few exercises to help increase ur psychologica/ emotional/ spiritual strength to prevent that from happening.
it's rather interesting in families which have got these people and the 'senders' (who apparently just sends out these emotions).
i think i'm getting interested in human personalities, interactions, responses and consequences.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

taiwan stop 7: sheipa leisure farm

i thought this was sorta the highlight of the trip. sheipa leisure farm is at the doorstep of the sheipa national park. the park is quite diligent in its conservation efforts and trying to preserve the local species of vegetation and creatures.
the farm you go to during different seasons for different things. we were there at the flower season, so we got to admire the flowers in bloom. in the fruit seasons, one can go pick the fruits around the place. it is quite a cool concept.
the people are really friendly too!
definitely worth a trip there.,
the reception area

the flowers at bloom now. called 'zi teng'

our attempt to see another sun rise, but it was too cloudy. but believe it or not, this is the view from just outside our room. that's the view you have at the leisure farm.

taiwan stop 6: Hsinchu

the food was pretty exciting here. so many things that i had never seen before!

the skin tasted weird. this one is the vego version, but apparently they put pork in these ones most of the time. they soak it in oil, then when u order one, they deep fry it for you, then serve it to u in a sauce. it was just odd. hmm... interesting, all the same.

hsinchu train station

taiwan stop 5: Gu Guan hot springs

this was not so much of a surprise after lu shan hot springs. luckily there was a bus from taichung to here. had to go through the winding mountain roads (again)

taiwan stop 4: Alishan -- morning sun rise


Monday, April 5, 2010

taiwan stop 3: taichung

one of the night market signs. we were pretty early. there weren't that many ppl there yet

i think this is supposed to say taichung train station on the sign. i took this picture from across the road as an afterthought, so probably didn't capture the sign very well. we were here as an afterthought. had come from sun moon lake to taichung before moving on to chiayi.
there apparently is a newer town in taichung. where we were was the 'old taichung'. no wonder the city had an old run down feel about it.

taiwan stop 2: Sun moon lake

took a bus from Lu shan to Puli to sun moon lake. it was rather cold and foggy when we got there.

a sign just to say that we are here

a typical view. we had then taken the cable car up and down for the views. we also took a boat that went around the lake w a chinese tour guide explaining the different sites around the lake. them both were really cool.

walked this trail between xuan guang temple and xuan zhuang temple. was pretty steep. but it was a pretty cool hike

back from taiwan

first stop was at Lu Shan hot springs. It was raining that day when we went

this is the sign that says Lu Shan hot springs. the water was nice, cloudy and made the skin real soft

what i was trying to show in this picture, was that everytime we walked pass a drain, there was hot steam coming out of it. hot spring water must flow in every tap/ drain. hmm...