Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another project

We tried out another project from the dinosaur book. The preschooler cut out her own bits with her own kid friendly scissors.

The Tea Salon at Emporium

We stumbled upon the Tea Salon at Emporium with my sister and little niece. The 2 little girls were so excited by the pretty things in the store! The pretty teacups, the pretty plates, the gorgeous wallpaper... they hopped onto the couch and started playing tea party even before we had decided to sit down to have afternoon tea. 
We selected the high tea for 2 adults and the kids just ate whatever was served. Actually they only ate the pretty cakes and left the not so pretty ones for the adults. Gosh, how they have a  eye for things.
I thought it was a great place for afternoon tea. 
Enjoying her cup of tea

dinosaur art

I think having a preschooler means that we explore alot of the world and her interests together.  It also gives me a reason to pick up my art tools again and reintroduce creativity into my life. We were exploring dinosaurs and sharp teeth!
Posing with the completed artwork
Instructions from the book