Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perth continued: Margaret River

So we belatedly decided to rent a car and drive down to Margaret River bec K wanted to see this 'longest pier' in WA.
the pier at Busselton... except it was closed for renovations! darn. we could only walk 250m of it.

we stayed overnight at the Margaret River Hotel. we booked it 1/2 hour before checking in at the tourist centre at Margaret river. the tourist information was amazing.

we went to jewel cave to do a cave walk. it was amazing inside. limestone formations abound. we were the only 2 ppl inside the cave (+ the guide of course, which totals 3!) it was quiet and allowed us to appreciate the magnificience of the whole cave. the guide said we had walked about 509 steps as we went around the cave. the guide at one point turned off all the lights in the cave and let us experienced ultimate darkness. cool..

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