Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perth continued: Rottnest Island.

Finally persuaded JW to go with us outdoors! She hadn't been to Rottnest Island either. so the 3 of us took off on a ferry to the island. the ferry left at about 8.45am and got there at about 10.15am. got abit rocky from fremantle --> Rottnest.

us with the bicycles. JW and K hadn't ridden for a long time. we cycled for about 2hours. ah well... i thought we could have gone on for longer.

The lighthouse in the middle of the island. and because it was at the 'highest' point, of course i had to climb up to the hill and have a look at the view the hill had to offer.

the infamous quokkas. ( i think i spelt it right). we only saw 1... yes, singular. K and JW decided to get off the island at 2pm. i thought we could have walked more or cycled more or just sat there and bask in the sun more. ah well... the lure of the city was more powerful than my desire to be with nature.

i was more impressed with this huge peacock. it was nonchalantly strutting around the tourists.

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