Sunday, August 21, 2011

the engagement ring

we were talking about his sister's wedding in his room. he then thought it was the right timing. so he got out the ring, went down on 1 knee and asked, 'will you marry me?'
'hmm, but you haven't asked my mum!' i replied, blushing and shaking my head.

'do i have your permission to ask your mum?' he deftly changed the question.

i nodded.

so we made a trip to 'meet the parents' in april. i met his parents and family in malaysia. he then came to singapore to meet my mum and family. at the end of the trip, he asked my mum for her permission.

'will you marry me?' he asks again in my room.

'ok' i replied, and responding to his frown, i said 'i do' (apparently ok isn't formal enough) :p

if dates are important, that was 1st may 2011

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  1. so sweeeeet....really like the part about asking your mum first! hehehe