Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby care rooms in melbourne

https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/babycare is a list of baby care rooms compiled by Australia breastfeeding association. Not updated and highly inadequate.

Interesting how one develops a blind spot when the issue does not apply to you.
We made a trip down to federation square to join in the Buddha's day celebration, specifically the baby blessing ceremony (nb, babies abound!).

Bub then cries frantically to be fed. There is a baby change room near the male, female, disabled toilets near the atruim but nowhere to feed bub. All I need is a seat, a clean quiet private room, clearly marked to feed bub. Sure I'm 'allowed' to feed bub anywhere, but I'm not comfortable. And not everyone out there is comfortable to watch us or walk by us. Our last resort was going to be in the car in the carpark (I had stashed my nursing pillow there before we left home).

We ended up in the change/ store room of the volunteers organizing Buddhas day because I knew some of them. Crisis averted.

I reckon I should compile a better list of available rooms.

Do you know where these nursing mothers rooms are? What would you like in these rooms?

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