Thursday, May 14, 2009

halong bay day 1

this being a UNESCO World heritage site and a must see tourist spot, we just had to go.

got onto the overnight train from Lao Cai --> Hanoi, went to have a shower in the hotel, then went at 8am back to ocean tours to be carted to Halong bay.

it's very touristy, crowded. and it's already NOT a peak tourist season. sighz. can't really imagine jostling with many more people.

had lunch on the junk while gazing at the magnificent stones.

we did about an hour of kayaking, then another boat ride to the ocean resort open only to the ocean tours group people. i thought it was a brilliant idea. really loved being away from all the other tourists.

the resort exclusive

where everyone else was staying, in cat ba island where the lights r in the distance

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