Thursday, May 21, 2009

"The tea leaf in the vast sea of this world"

this comes from the translated version of "The Pursuit of Happiness and other life observations" by Ven Shi FaZhao:

'In the vast sea of this world, each of us is like a tea leaf, which will fuse into this ever changing vastness in a matter of time. During this process, everyone will have to dedicate their lives completely. A society does not deliberately focus on each individual, just as few would pay attention to every tea leaf while drinking tea.

Having been soaked in clear water, the tea leaves continue releasing their fragrance for the world, not the least bit resigned to the fact that they are unnoticed. Hence we need not be disheartened when we are overlooked due to our blending into the community, as it is through this process that we make others complete, tender help to society, make our contributions and attain fulfillment in life. '

I've always known that we can learn something from tea, i just never knew what it was. so here is one realisation from tea.

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