Tuesday, July 28, 2009

kyle XY

managed to stumble on this bbc/abc tv series on you tube.

finished all 3 seasons in a seemingly continuous session. now, i can go do other things (e.g. sleep, go to the stores). i thought my eyes were going to fall off. not sure how the gamers get so good at just staring at the computer screen for so long. hmm...

but the tv series was really good though. 1st season is about this science engineered 16 year old teenaged boy who gets adopted by this loving family and he discovers the world with his innocent kind nature. every episode in the 1st season made me smile. loved episode 2 when he can't sleep and explores the need for rest and routine.

2nd season is abt the 2nd 16 year old teenaged girl who gets manipulated right from the start and is not nurtured and we see how that 2nd teenager turns out. so yes, the ever-present question about nature vs nurture. the teenaged girl brings along all the angst of adolescence that is very complicated to deal with if you hadn't had earlier years to hunt for an identity.

so lessons learnt, for me: 1) be kind. sometimes a kind smile or a kind look is what someone else needs; 2) being ordinary is not necessarily a bad thing. we hold the fort while we wait for someone extraordinary to provide the propellant for change. of course we can be the extra-ordinary one too, but if we are not, no need for despair. 3) often we don't treasure the ordinary/ normal things that happen. they are memories too. and we can make them happy and extraordinary ones. 4) there were more lessons, i can't remember all my realisations.

didn't like season 3 too much because there was too much complexity and deceit, that were although very smart, changes our kind protanganist to someone harden by the brutality of life. to be constantly hunted is a very undesirable position to be.

hmm... i think i got abit too attached to the characters. loved all of the characters. the family, kyle, and even jessi.

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